Video: Kanaku & El Tigre - "Caracoles"

Peruvian newcomers Kanaku & El Tigre seem to be on their way to become one of this year’s indie-folk standouts. They might just have the right amount of tools, skill, and passion to internationalize their music as some of their fellow compatriots have (Francois Peglau, Resplandor, Turbopotamos). Officially a duo comprised by Bruno Bellatin & Nico Saba, the band makes full-panorama songs with a wide range of instrumental assembly. “Caracoles” is the band’s new great video, and the leading track off their self-titled debut. The clip directed by Mike Stornfelt features a splendid art direction as a group of friends reunite for a meal. And well, one of the friends involved seems annoyed, actually, she's having a little too much fun drinking. She goes on a riot. What follows is a nest of dark humor in the best of British sitcoms (with some blood involved).

Via El Amarill0