MP3 + Video: Los Migues - "A Vos No Te Importa Nadie" + "Amarillo" (Coldplay Cover)

We knew a lot of people would find Los Migues’ “A Vos No Te Importa Nadie” enchanting, especially you dog owners; apparently, everyone who has downloaded Juventud Bruta is in love with the song, even the people we suspected to hate it. The song is so sticky it can easily be compared to Papa Topo’s “Oso Panda”, which now probably has more detractors than admirers. What has made this song pass its novelty phase is its close-to-the-heart warmth; we should’ve realized you love your pets as much as we love ours.

“A Vos No Te Importa Nadie” tells the story of a highly energetic dog that has to stay tied up for his misconduct. This touching story is accompanied by an equally sad composition, comprised by lo-fi riffs, claps, and some depressing (but catchy) strings. The dog’s name is “Ranchito” and if you’ve been following our compilations, you might realize that same dog was also mentioned on our ninth compilation El Silencio No Nos Matara. To make the story short, Los Migues is the exact same band as La Ola Que Queria Ser Chau; they even sound almost exactly the same. Yes, it’s confusing and it doesn’t make much sense to work under two different names, but we got to realize these kids are still playing around. Actually, Migue, the mastermind behind both bands plays in a few other bands, but let’s not make a food chain out of it.

Los Migues made our Top 10 as one of our Bands to Watch this year, but their future is uncertain. These Argentinean youngsters have realized that is much easier to keep just a single profile, and they’re putting every ounce of energy into La Ola Que Queria Ser Chau (good call). So while we might not hear anything new from Los Migues in a while, you can download more than 50 songs on their MySpace, most of them are disposable demos, but there are a few homeruns in the bunch, including this charming Spanish language cover of Coldplay’s “Yellow”, oh yes…. “y esta todo amarillo.”