Video: Bedroom - "Els Nens Soldat"

Ever since Emilio Jose’s Chorando Aprendese became an obsession (and our favorite album of 2009), we’ve kept a close eye on a handful of Spaniard bands that don’t necessarily sing in Spanish (or in English). From the same label that introduced us Emilio Jose, comes another ‘Bedroom’, another interesting band singing in Catalan. Their new album El Fum Blanc is a bit too mellow in its topics, and it’s quite difficult to catch up for those of us who can only grasp a few words because of the language barrier. But images help tremendously, and so they do in this gorgeous clip for “Els Nens Soldat”, where a group of kids take on an adventure at the forest, in the very best of Where the Wild Things Are… but without the cute monsters.

via La Pagina de la Nadadora