MP3: Yellow Yesterday - "Y Es Así"

Yellow Yesterday is the one-man band by Mexico City’s Andres Ibarra Rios, who just unveiled his sophomore EP #2, the follow up to his charming self-titled debut. We liked the first album well enough, but upon first listen, #2 is far more interesting. This time around, he leaves the winter-trip out of the picture; instead, he finds the warmth of sunlight, the complexity of instruments, and the comfort of the Spanish language. This transition is clearly noticeable in “Y Es Así”, a new adaptation of “Choices”, the great highlight from his previous album. The translation is unobtrusive to the catchy melody and production-wise, everything sounds very clean. A clever change of an environment.

#2 is now available for free download over at Bandcamp.

♫♫♫ "Y Es Asi"