New Single: Los Macuanos - "Ritmo de Amor"

Los Macuanos are still cooking what will become their debut LP, but that doesn’t stop them from performing at this year’s SXSW. The band that was originally comprised by Moises Horta and Moises Lopez, and they’ve added new member Reuben Torres as they’re reinforcing their highly stylized ruidoson. They’ve released a couple of songs on our compilations, but “Ritmo de Amor” is officially, their first single-release. We’ve been listening to this track for a while now, but the finished product is a stunner; it’s a paradise of catchiness, a weird Mexican definition of what ‘rhythm of love’ would sound like. The trio has kept the ghostly aesthetic on this one, sounding more nostalgic than ever.

Two analog mediums come to mind when listening to this song: AM Radio and ‘El Canal de las Estrellas.’ It’s as if they were transmitting rituals through a dusty antenna, from Tijuana to the world. The song’s intro is an extract from the infamous Catalina Creel, if you’re a Telenovela fan you’ll know her, if you aren’t, just know she is one of the most evil characters the world has ever seen, she even has an eye patch. The single has been released through Coco Bass, along with some spectacular remixes by Sheeqo Beat, Pedro Infame, Collateral Soundtrack, among others.

♫♫♫ "Ritmo de Amor"