Video: Juan Cirerol - "Toque y Rol"

Juan Cirerol's video for "Toque y Rol" has been out for almost a year now (way before the album), but considering we can't seem to stop listening to his debut Ofrenda a Mictlan, and that this song wraps up our latest compilation Juventud Bruta, it seems like a good spot to finally embed it into our blog. It's only two minutes long, but has to be one of the most charismatic, most revealing, and overall complete tracks we've heard in recent memory. Cirerol's wordplay between rock&roll and 'rolling' smokes set the conditions for a song in-action; here is a multi-dimensional song that literally rolls by itself. The clip directed by 'Txema Novelo' glimpses into the lives of two lovers from the province taking on the monster of Mexico City. Taking a break for a smoke has never been as beautiful.