MP3: Emilio José - "Febreiro"

Compared to popular consensus, Emilio José has always treated “Febreiro” as the core-single of his masterpiece Chorando Aprendese. The song is somewhat catchy and one of the album’s highlights, but for an artist whose Best of the Decade list consisted mainly of full-blown pop hits by Britney Spears and Daddy Yankee, his attachment to the song seems to stand on personal ground. It’s either that, or that he might have a different concept of pop music, which would actually make a lot of sense. Now that I reflect upon it, I feel like when I was a kid (and didn't know much English), I used to mumble to many Britney songs, now I find myself doing the same while singing Emilio's anthems in Galician.

The pop Olympian has reconditioned “Febreiro”, and like many directors’ cuts, it gets much deeper into the author’s intent. He gets rid of the opening & inner monologues, to create a high-concept linear song. It’s not the spectacularly promising 15-minute version many of us were salivating for, but it’s the perfect way to give February a closure.

♫♫♫ "Febreiro"