Video: Joe Volume & The Shot o'Clock - "Oh Lord!"

We’ve never heard a full album by Joe Volume, but in our IndieAlt bubble, it’s almost impossible to dismiss his weekly controversies. Yes, trouble seems to find him and he’s probably contributing to it. These personality traits however, don’t change the fact he is a rock stallion. Video editor turned director Mauricio Coy directs Joe Volume’s very first video “Oh Lord!”, the promotional single from his latest record The Shameless. The band’s fuzzy and frenzy punk is the soundtrack to a morbid and unsteady sequence. It’s midnight and a camera spots a creature behind a tree, it’s a girl – she runs-, let’s chase it. If you were to take my word-by-word description you could easily dismiss the clip as another punishing sexist clip, but if you’re a follower of the genre, you probably know ‘The Chase’ could go beyond that. Here they make things a bit more interesting by desexualizing the clip, and placing religious accessory on the girl (he goes for the cross, not her body), who knows, perhaps she’s in need of an exorcism and they’re just trying to help.