Video: La Bien Querida - "Hoy"

The anticipation leading towards La Bien Querida's first album Romancero (Elefant/Nacional) was a true phenomenon, one of those weird moments where music fans and journalists practice a form of voyeurism. Since its release, Romancero has flourished into a pop masterpiece; its follower Fiesta will see the commercial light next month and although she doesn't need to prove her hype anymore, everyone is afraid she might have raised the bar a bit too high with her debut. "Hoy" is the album's first single and it doesn't disappoint. Melodically, it's nowhere near the catchy "De Momento Abril" or "9.6", but she's reinforcing the wall of sound through a ghostly experience. Music director Luis Cervero hits a homerun once again, with a fantasy/sci-fi video as pretty as Ana's dog sweater. Also, make sure you stick around for the jam session.