Prietto Viaja Al Cosmos Con Mariano Covers Leonard Cohen - "Hey, esa no es forma de decir adiós"

Hopefully you haven’t forgotten about Prietto Viaja Al Cosmos Con Mariano, one of our favorite Argentinean bands whose groundbreaking 2008 self-titled debut is still haunting us. The duo’s ghostly nostalgia in “AV Corrientes”, gave the song the tag of an instant classic; it was perhaps the most internationalized (within the indie boundaries) Argentinean rock song of the past decade. The band still has more fans in Mexico than anywhere else, and they’re hoping to make a comeback with a double album to be released later this year. Because of Prietto’s dusty and down-to-earth habits, a double disc doesn’t seem like a great idea, but the four tracks they’ve unveiled on bandcamp have us drooling for more.

We’re especially enchanted with “Hey, esa no es forma de decir adiós”, where they seem to have achieved a signature sound. The song is of course, a Spanish language cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye.” Many still question the lazy vocals and the new fans often ask if there’s a language barrier with the singer and the content, there isn’t, it’s just a peculiar vocal styling (that we happen to find timid, but calming).