MP3: La Valiente Muchachada - "La misma mierda que todos acá"

A collective sacrifice as means of artistic expression sounds like a reasonable option during one’s youth; it speaks of bravery, and civil responsibility. Buenos Aires-based emerging band La Valiente Muchachada is making poignant responses to such “brave youth” in the form of songs, and they’re not as uplifting as your probation worker/academic advisor would want them to be.

“La Misma Mierda Que Todos Aca” is a social misfit and also, a deliciously cynical redemption. The song’s combusting entrance is like the tragic aftermath of a violent protest, where good intentions quickly cross to the other line. In the song, the kids respond in a politically-correct manner, but also ask for excuse themselves for “being as shit as everybody else.” La Valiente Muchachada is barely growing into its talents, but definitely add them to the list of exciting new bands redefining Argentinean rock this year.