MP3: ... al cruzar la calle - "Asuntos Internos"

Linda Sjöquist is an up-and-coming artist from Maracaibo (Venezuela) who performs under the name ‘…al cruzar la calle.’ Although she claims to be just an adolescent dreamer with too much time on her hands and an out-of-tune guitar, her song “Asuntos Internos” says she’s a whole lot more. This song is not even two minutes long, but feels like a colossal response to the eternal dilemma of “what a girl wants.” She’s the owner of a very delicate tiny voice and works with a very limited chest of instruments, but melody-wise, she’s not the least intimidated. It may be a tiny song, but as the FBI-sounding title “Asuntos Internos” suggests, this is giant at heart. She wants someone to kiss, someone to hug, someone who can read her Julio Cortazar poems, and of course, someone to bring her coffee to her bed every morning. Is that too much to ask?