2 guest Latin Grammy Voters reveal their choices

So we had told you we would have a guest Latin Grammy voter revealing his choices to us, this morning I got an email from another brave voter willing to also participate. Both are however, doing it anonymously for obvious reasons. Of course, please don’t go out and bait on these choices, it’s only two voters out of thousands, and take our choices even lighter. But please voters, take responsibility and listen to all the nominated records before submitting your vote. Note that voters only vote on certain categories, depending on what their credits are. They have allowed us to give a little bit of basic info about them. We will call them Incognito #1 and Incognito #2.

Incognito #1
From: Spain
Occupation: Leader of a Latin Grammy nominated rock-pop band.

Incognito #2
From: Puerto Rico
Occupation: Pop singer-songwriter