La Rocola #6

People of the good auditory world! We come before you, to present LA ROCOLA #6, that's right! The sixth playlist of Club Fonograma and let me tell you, this one is on fire. During October we had a lot more access to music, our daily visits tripled! and hopefully you are enjoying our convenient shorter reviews, and of course, my essays on some albums where I just can't handle myself. Since the most commented inclusion on our last playlist was on "Mentiras" by Daniela Romo, we now bring you Angelica Maria, probably my favorite voice of the 60s. Again, this is our best collection of songs so far, many of these songs are already on contention for our Best of the Year special that we'll post by the end of the year. This is the first time we use MixPod, as is insanely insufficient lately, the playlist will be stiff for a couple of days before I switch it back to shuffle mode. Turn it up!

La Rocola #6

“Eddi Eddi”, Angélica María
“Get the Rec”, Monareta
“Plastic Caramelo”, Plastic Caramelo

“El Idolo”, Adanowsky
“Electro Movimiento”, Calle 13
“Luz Verde”, Beat Buffet
“Rancho”, Pato Machete
“Amor Cubico”, Niza
“Sastre del Diablo”, Nortec Presents Hiperboreal + Clorofila feat. Adrian Rodríguez
“Bestia”, Hello Seahorse
“28”, Aterciopelados
“Shrimpy Comes. Paul Laughs”, Margarita
“El viaje de Teo”, Ely Guerra
“Like a Child”, Bufi
“Muñequita Sintetica”, Jessy Bulbo
“El Bombo”, Choc Quib Town
“Sonic Sex for All”, Jovenes y Sexys

“256 MB of Love”, Nuuro
“El Vestido”, Juana Molina
“Un Party”, Plan B feat. Arcangel & Ñejo y Dalmata
“Cuando vuelvan los que ayer corrian”, Domingo en Llamas
“Escuela de Zebras”, Joe Crepusculo
“Veneno”, $6MD Weirdo!
“Sintiendo Rara”, Erik Couts
“Para que celebren todos”, El Guincho
“Que Bonito”, Babaluca
“Cuando Cuando”, Niña Dioz
“Pajaritos”, Ximena Sariñana
“Genuino”, Chino Nyno feat. Tego Calderón
“Verano Fatal”, Prietto Viaja al Cosmos con Mariano
“Running too fast”, Natalia Lafourcade
“Chica Virtual”, Arcangel
“Nada”, Juan Son

“Blas y las Astrales son fenomenales”, Blas y las Astrales
“Killing Joke”, Hong Kong Blood Opera
“Hasta Quemarnos”, Kinky (No Somos Muchos Pero Somos Machos Remix)
“No lloro por ti”, Nacho Vegas y Christina Rosenvinge
“Cumbia del rio”, Picadientes de Caborca


  1. julieta (peoria, az)October 30, 2008 at 11:00 PM

    Cool, I know about 10% of these people lol.. I feel kinda ashamed because this is actually some AWESOME set of songs.

  2. Nice list, although I wish it was on PLAYLIST since MixPod doesn't show the URL of the files, but oh well...

    I love NIZA, did a lil bit of research and found out they don't exist anymore, how sad.

    Also loving "SIntiendo RAra", "UN party", hong kong blood opera (of course) and NO LLORO POR TI IS AMAZING!

    Beat Buffet sounds like Kinky & Los Amigos INvisibles.