En Ventura EP, En Ventura

The Poni Republic, México ****
Rating: 87
By Carlos Reyes

“Free music for fucked up kids,” Poni Republic has really stepped out as the best net label for tiny projects with humongous vision to showcase their music. The label features acts from around the world, our favorites so far are the Venezuelan youthful Nuuro and especially Jovenes y Sexys. Although the label is based in Mexico, En Ventura is one of the few local bands to be featured, also the best rock EP we’ve heard from them. This is a colorful travel to a psychedelic universe of its own. Monterrey is said to be our most supportive city when it comes to rock music, but that was 10 years ago, since the end of Zurdok the Regios have been falling behind. The punk of Panda and its derivatives are just not radical enough; En Ventura is one of the best new bands to emerge the North of Mexico. There is an exciting movement of artists exploring cosmos; they almost feel animated and surreally happy. En Ventura is like a hybrid of Porter and Vaquero, very experimental and catchy at the same time. If the new iPod Chromatic feature of assembling songs together works as well as they say, this should follow the great new music of Natalia Lafourcade who just reinvented herself. You’ve been listening to the lead track “Avant” at our Rocola #5, a very energetic song for the dancehalls. The essential track here is however “Los Granjeros del Amor,” which is not only bright and bubblelicious but has some social commentary behind it. “Chantilly” is so mystical that it manages to become the center of attention in a great album. “Y lo mejor es que es gratis.” – Marina Farfán (Cecilia Suarez, Parpados Azules by Ernesto Contreras)

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