Los Premios MTV, Tonight!

Expect reviews of the new albums by Monareta, Calle 13, Aterciopelados, Jessy Bulbo, Buena Vista Social Club & Carnegie Hall among others very soon. Mid-term exams are a little crowded right now and they prevent us from taking care of the blog as much as we would like. But today will be an exciting night at Los Premios MTV Latinoamerica. The ceremony is usually entertaining, except for the appearance of the very superficial international artists that MTVLA programs. I’m still shock why ultraplastic artists like Tokio Hotel, Hillary Duff, 30 Seconds to Mars, or the pathetic music of French heartthrob Alizee are the biggest sensations in Latin America. While MTV Tr3s in the states is trying to get its viewers acquainted by programming the nominated videos and artists in the last two weeks, this channel has never been so invaded by pop and rock, it is great to take a break from reggaeton and bachata.

The worst thing about this year is the new category that will award Fan Clubs, such an annoying and harmful base that only takes away from the awards voting process. Of course, everyone has the right to vote, but it gets annoying when you have these groups clicking as if they would get a dollar for every click. Another complaint would be the fact that once again, Los Premios will be hosted in Mexico. We understand the main MTV LA head squares are located in Mexico, and that it is easier for bands to get there, but this is one of those occasions when they should learn from the Ms Universe contest. Spread the wealth.

The nominees themselves are very good; the round of nominations is very healthy. There are representatives from all around the continent. The list is indeed a bit too Mexican and too Argentinean, but it’s probably because those are the two countries with the most broadcasting sharing, and therefore those responsible for voting go for what MTV is playing. For example, someone from Venezuela gets the Mexican broadcast, and someone from Uruguay would get the Argentinean broadcast, there is a bigger chance for them to vote for a Mexican or Argentinean artist since they are bombarded by them on their TVs.

Los Premios are supposed to be for the youthful Latin America, and we celebrate that. But this is still a popularity contest, otherwise why would Mana be winning Best Artist of 2007? Also very interesting is how Los Premios are getting a lot of attention from Latin Grammy voters, now that they have their ballots we’ll see how much they embrace the winners here, both nomination lists looked quite similar. The Show: The lineup is attractive; first there will be a pre-show segment which will feature the bubblegum teens from Don Tetto, the great Emmanuel Horvilleur and The Kooks. The performers list is as follow: (in bold the ones we look forward to watch)

Belanova * Calle 13 * Juanes * Julieta Venegas * Katy Perry * Kudai (ugh) * Los Fabulosos Cadillacs * Metallica * Moderatto * Nortec Presents Bostich + Fussible * Paramore (ugh) * Tokio Hotel (triple ugh) * Ximena Sariñana & Zoe.

The host of the show has yet to be revealed, perhaps there is none.
Enjoy the show on MTV Tr3s.