El Futuro Mas Aca

Presented by Cinema Tropical in collaboration with The Mexican Cultural Institute of New York

A quirky and stirring film series featuring some of the most representative Mexican sci-fi films made during the forties through the sixties. Can a Mexican scientist invent a rocketship? Can a local boxer disarm a nuclear bomb? Can El Santo, the wrestling superhero par excellence, save Mexico City and thus the planet, from Martian conspiracy?

For you lucky bastards in New York, don't miss EL FUTURO MAS ACA. Starts today!


La Nave de los Monstruos (The Monsters' Ship, 1959)
El Planeta de las Mujeres Invasoras (Planet of the Female Invaders 1965)
El Santo vs La Invasion de los Marcianos (El Santo vs The Martian Invasion 1966)
La Momia Azteca contra el Robot Humano (The Azteca Mummy vs the Human 1957)
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