Fiesta de Locos, Calle 13

Sony International should really take care of Calle 13’s upcoming Los De Atras Vienen Conmigo, which was initially supposed to be out today, but has been pushed for release on the 21st, date that will coincide with the release of Rio, Aterciopelados’ latest, that Tuesday will be multi-orgasmic. In the mean time the album is leaking track after track, we love what we’ve heard so far, especially “Que Lloren” and the lastest leak “Fiesta de Locos”, the most lauded song by the public at the MTV Tr3s VMA pre-party. This song is on fire, a club banger with some great male vs. female chorus, controversially religious and the great infectious humor Rene Perez is known for. “CALLE 13 VIENE SIN LUBRICACION.”