Artist of the Week: Chak

Artist of the Week: Chak
Genre: Folk, Rock, Pop, Acoustic
Country: Mexico

Chak is no ordinary artist, so I’ll just do a list to try to honor him.

10 reasons why Chak is our Artist of the Week.

01. Because his debut album Lo Que Vino is a five-star album and among my top 10 favorite Latin albums of this decade.

02. Because he carries his indigenous roots with pride and embraces them poetically through his music.

03. Because when I first listened to his album I almost had an orgasm.

04. Because he is the single most underrated artist in Mexico and deserves international attention.

05. Because he is a male Lila Downs meets Kevin Johansen meets Cabas.

06. Because the song “Lo Que Vino” reflects Latin America’s current state of multilayered fear.

07. Because every time I listen to him I take out my albums of Mercedes Sosa, Toña la Negra, Ibrahim Ferrer, Caetano Veloso and Susana Baca.

08. Because my iPod says Chak is one of my most listened artists, and already a reference when evaluating music.

09. Because he makes me travel to so many different untraveled lands and wanting to visit so many others, hopefully soon.

10. Because he is one of the reasons I’m blogging about Latin music; to spread the word on great discoveries like him.