Vino = El Teatro de lo Absurdo, Robi Draco Rosa

There is news all over the web about a new album by MASTER Robi Draco Rosa, it is called Vino, and everyone claims it as “the long awaited album in Spanish”, but didn’t we get that already? The articles are referring to songs like “Te Fumare” and “Desnudo”, songs included in El Teatro de lo Absurdo, which is a masterpiece that was placed as the #6 most acclaimed album of 2007 by our critics’ list compilation. It might be that the album we are still listening to was not edited in the U.S., we know for a fact it was available in Puerto Rico and Draco offered his album for free through Rolling Stone Mexico. So let’s get it straight, El Teatro de lo Absurdo and Vino are the same album. The album will only be available digitally, which sucks since I would have bought the physical edition of it since it is so freaking amazing. I won’t go into detail about the album as it deserves a full review.