Picotero, Monareta

Nacional Records, Colombia ****

Rating: 82

By Carlos Reyes

Picotero is as fun and unexpected as Coconot’s Cosa Astral, but spicier, and as colorful as En Ventura’s EP, but spicier. This is how we love our alternative music; Andres Martinez and Camilo Sanabria make a gold solid third album with pure confidence and control over their fusionist proposal. Fusionism not in political terms but musically, because in Picotero we find a musical freedom where airs of innovation and airs of traditional music manage to coexist. This is the most recent release by Nacional Records, which has proven to be today’s most dynamic alternative label. Monareta joins the target audiences of fellow Nacional artists Mexican Institute of Sound and Nortec Collective. Picotero is infectious dancehall music with Caribbean personality and some very entertaining verses that don’t interrupt the fun a bit. “Matanza Funk” is immediately memorable because of the informational samplings in its introduction and its cool rap verses that serve as ammunition throughout the album. It is great to hear Monareta’s explosive tribal sound floating around a computerized space of encounter. “Raimundo llevate al mundo” is simply adorable; the world can go to hell as long as I get to know Emily & Margarit. The best song in the album also has the breeziest title “Domingo Lovin Style”, a song that doesn’t let anything to get in its way and says it how it is, while songs like “Todo el voltaje” and “Break Tocaima” will get you naturally doped. I’m not sure what the whole biking image is about, but it sure is a fun ride not to be missed.

♫♫♫ "Me voy pal mar" (RCRDLBL)