Artist of the Week: Diogo Nogueira

Artist: Diogo Nogueira
Genre: Samba/Brazilian Romantic Music
Country: Brazil

Our artist of the week is Diogo Nogueira, as you know one of Paulo Correa’s favorite new artists this year. Since Paulo is busy at a busy trip right now I’ll babble a little bit about him. This is the third and last nominee for Best New Artist at the Latin Grammys (we won’t talk about Kany Garcia or Ximena Sariñana as they are huge right now), personally to me Nogueira is the weakest singer and weakest musician from the nominees, but like we’ve said before we have a strong competition this year and Diogo is part of it. I don’t quite understand Brazil’s fascination towards live albums (Ao Vivo), but they at least get it right production-wise. Only in Brazil does an artist breakthrough with an Ao Vivo first album. Judging from a skim through several Brazilian music blogs, it seems that the love towards Nogueira is unanimous. He is being called a power force of the new generation of Samba enthusiasts.