"Oh My Love" - Kevin Johansen & Andrea Echeverri

"Oh My Love" is the new single from the album "Logo" by the great Kevin Johansen. We could not fail to overlook this release as it presents together two of the most important icons of the latin alternative music. In addition, it brings another innovation, and it is that Andrea Echeverri, the lead singer of Aterciopelados sings for the first time in English a big part of a song, and apparently she doesn´t even care that people can criticize her diction in that language. A beautiful love song in two voices of worship, which serves as a prelude to the upcoming release of "Rio", the new album by Aterciopelados.

Oh my love, my love, I´d like to tell you something…


  1. One of my favorite songs from LOGO.

    Who is going to review "RIO", I think we are going to have a bitch fight or something, I know Jean is crazy about them, I'm crazy about them, and Paulo you are crazy about them.

    I guess one of you can have it, I'll be busy with Calle 13. Can't wait to hear their album, but I'm scared it won't be as good as their last album, third attempts are NEVER great, never!

  2. Oh, or perhaps it is, La Onda Tropical just gave it a R A V E ...

    And out of all the reviews I read about Residente o Visitante, Chapin was the only one to get it completely right.

    I love what he says about "Electro Movimiento".... "Over the top, as it should be"... Awesome description, totally accurate.

    I'll be getting my cd hopefully tomorrow. One day before all you suckas! hahahahha...

  3. Carlos, y que tal si escribimos los 3 el review de Aterciopelados?

    Cada uno dando su punto de vista... te parece?

    Podría ser un ejercicío interesante. Por lo menos yo, con lo que he escuchaod en el myspace ya estoy enloquecido con ese disco.

  4. Podria funcionar... ya veremos, depende de si podremos tener el disco los tres pronto...

  5. I just bought this song. I love it. Andrea is so awesome and she does such a great job singing in English.