Suspension of Disbelief: Video Bizarro #4

“Mi Conejito”, Los Conquistadores del Ecuador (Ecuatorianos, YouTube)

To be honest, I have no clue how to describe this video. This is an actual official video that has been a sensation in several countries in Latin America. Remember when the members of Austin TV used to dress like rabbits? Well, is kinda like that, except that the music here is far from good, but it is also probably not a serious video or is it? We’re not sure, but if the intention of the video was to make us laugh, it has succeeded. Los Conquistadores de Ecuador offer us their all, including an unprecedented choreography that we all should be practicing at clubs. They even describe their music as “techno for all clubs.” Of course, we don’t mean to offend any artistic approach or culture, but this is damn funny. Expect this song to be included in one of the great gatherings of Nacotheque, they probably have it already.