Quedate Callao, Siete Nueve (Tiraera a Daddy Yankee)

Media went crazy a few weeks ago when candidate John McCain introduced Daddy Yankee as one of his supporters at a Phoenix High School. People were shocked to see reggaeton’s icon endorsing McCain, of course him supporting Obama would have meant nothing to the press. I’m personally over the Republican plan and ready for a change. Fat Joe and company criticizing Yankee for his stance on politics need to get themselves educated. I’m not a fan of opportunistic offerings, but a rapper by the name of SieteNueve has manifested his anger in the song “Quedate Callado.” A very clever song, nicely put-together, which does an excellent job making its point, “mejor quedate callado si vas a hablar por nosotros.” The reason behind the song might not have as much weight to be so aggressive, I actually hate the title of the song simply because it goes against my beliefs; it is time to speak out, keeping silence is for conformists. But I must say this is a great rap tiraera song that does a fine job picturing the current political tension among the Latinos and especially Puerto Ricans (living in the Island), American Citizens who cannot vote. "Quedate Callao" is available for free download at Siete Nueve's MySpace.