The Beatles-Queen-The Rolling Stones, Mariachillout Trilogy

Independiente, Mexico **1/2
Rating: 59
By Carlos Reyes

Consider this a collapsed review for the discography of Mariachillout, a one of a kind trilogy proposal to recreate the classics by the all-time favorite Queen, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Yes, these are instrumented with Mariachi, thankfully not vocalized as the translations would’ve been tragic. Hardcore fans see these albums as collectibles; they were initially only available at selected libraries but quickly became fire on the internet. Because of the circumstances, these are obviously objective albums and trying to pick a favorite might give some a headache. To me, the answer is simple, Queen will always be one of my true favorites, and this homage is irregular but unexpectedly charming. Listening to “Another One Bites the Dust” with Ranchero instrumentation was a bizarre experience, but nonetheless an interesting one. Production values are very cheap, no wonder this trilogy is on the Wal-Mart’s Karaoke shelves. The volumes on The Beatles and The Rolling Stones are quite mediocre, there is very little elegancy as it refuses to break from the formal ranchero genre, so I couldn’t stand up completely, just a few chunks here and there. They did however fabricated a delighting homage to Queen, perhaps because there was an easier transition at the time of adapting all the arrangements. Overall a well intentioned series of albums that works better as an idea than an actual product.