Artist of the Week: Prietto Viaja al Cosmos con Mariano

Artist: Prietto Viaja al Cosmos con Mariano
Genre: Experimental, Psychedelic, Rock
Country: Argentina

Argentina’s music industry is probably the only one in Latin America to actually proclaim the rock genre as a business market. The rock scene in the Southern country is tremendously big, but for the last couple of years we have been getting a series of albums that certainly feel stuck, unlike the indie scene in Spain & Mexico, we assumed they were loosing the hunger for discovery. Prietto Viaja Al Cosmos Con Mariano just shut my mouth; they released a fantastic EP and are already promising to become a band to follow. Collages have notice their similarity with Porter, a great comment indeed, let’s hope they don’t break up so soon like “The rock band that will change Mexican rock” (Los Angeles Times). Prietto Viaja Al Cosmos is a two-member collective and brings pure freshness to Argentinean rock.


  1. Good, and yes they sound very Porterish hehhah, but lazier I think.

    I like a video they have on their myspace.

  2. yesss, but not only prietto viaja al cosmos...; here are a lot of good independient bands :)

  3. The indie and under scene in Argentina has grown during the 90's and this last decade. And Prietto viaja al cosmo con mariano is part of a big movement that a label called Laptra has made giving a huge space to bands for expressing their art. If you liked Prietto viaja al cosmos con mariano you should probably listen to : El mató a un policía motorizado, 107 faunos, Go-Neko, Shaman y los hombres en llamas, Pez, Futbol, Coiffeur and a big etc.
    Sorry for my bad english, I tried my best.