Suspension of Disbelief: Video Bizarro #5

"Gillette", Yasuri Yamilleth (Oscarvs, YouTube)

For many of us this video is OLD, but I still find it damn funny. Yasuri Yamilleth is so bad that it is good? WTF did I just said? I can’t believe this was a big hit at clubs around South America; it is cool that it never reached the mainstream media in the U.S. like other dummy hits like “Pasame la Botella” or “La Bomba.” In reality, Yasuri Yamilleth is a made-up character by a radio host for Los 40 Principales in Panama, it was her idea, wrote the song, and sings it, but guess what? This hot radio host was too shy to shoot a video and become famous. The whole business seems so confusing; all I know is that this song is hilariously stupid. Some people even find it crude and violent as the song warns that “if you mess with me I’ll pull out my Gillette.” This to me is a lot funnier than El Chiqui Chiqui and destined to become a classic on the humorous corner of YouTube.

Lyrics excerpt.

Mi nombre es Iury, Yasuri Yamileth te metes conmigo te saco la gillete. Te
dejo una ye, que no es de yeyésino de Yasuri, Yasuri Yamileth. Vivo en El
Chorrillo con mis ocho chiquilloscomiendo chorizo y parqueo en
VeranilloYami,yami,yami Yamileth te gusta la salsa tambien el reggae. Yami
yami,yami Yamilethel típico, la soca y bachatas tambien Yami yami yami yami yami
Yamileth Yami yami yami yami yami Yamileth