Artist of the Week: Adanowsky

Artist: Adanowsky
Country: Chile/France/Mexico
Genre: Pop/Rock/Cabaret

Our artist this week officially released a few months ago one of the biggest hits in Reactor 105.7 (my favorite radio station), a hit titled “El Idolo.” Adan Jorodowsky is Adanowsky, a Chilean/French/Mexican solo act that released in 2006 his debut album Etoile Eternelle a great production mostly in French that is finally getting attention in Latin America. For us film cinephiles we might recognize him for his great performance in Santa Sangre (1989), the last movie his father Alejandro Jorodowsky directed. This is some great pop with touches of cabaret niche and magical lyrics. We look forward to a full album in Spanish very soon, I’ve included his hit “El Idolo” here, the song isn’t included in the original release of his album but you can also find at official website of Reactor in the “zona de descargas” section, which always has great free legal downloads.