More reviews in shorter words.

Because we want to talk about every album we listen to, but College literally eats our brains off, we will be writing a lot of MINIS from now on. Of course, some albums will still get full reviews, particularly those that we found exemplary and are easy to buy, you may have notice we are giving our full reviews very high ratings, that’s because good music inspires us to write in extend. We will include a link to a ‘key track’ from the album if it is available, preferebly if it is an unreleased or remixed version of an original track. We don’t upload any music ourselves, but if they are around a playlist of a fellow blog, we don’t feel is wrong to share it for sampling purposes.

And by the way, get yourself SAFARI, our blog and any other site looks much elegant and kitsch with it. Firefox would be ok, anything but Internet Explorer.