Adanowsky & Gush @ En Petit Comite

Pics & text by Juan Manuel Torreblanca

What… or who is en petit comite? Well… it depends on the month, on the session, on the season etc. but (based on their own description, as found in their MySpace) En petit comite is a project that’s born from the need to explore and play with what it’s creators and their guests and friends love the most: music. En petit comite is what happens when a band (or an artist) is submerged in the intimacy of a recording booth to document what inspiration brings in that specific moment. It’s the result of the sum of freedom, talent and creativity… and as such, the outcome is never exactly what could’ve been expected: it can be an unplugged session, an electric production, a bunch of previously unheard of b-sides or rarities, or a completely fresh and new set. Rehearsed or improvised isn’t the matter here, what they seek is something spontaneous, something intimate, something sincere, and something fun. Everything produced in no more than one day of studio work.

The studio is located in the neighborhood of La Condesa in Mexico City, but they haven’t only recorded local acts. Jovenes y Sexys & Ulises Hadjis (from Venezuela), Puts Marie (from Switzerland) and now Adanowsky & Gush (from France) are some of the international artists that have also been part of this experiment.

Adanowsky (Alejandro Jodorowsky’s son) was about to record with his supporting band of friends Gush when we all found out that Michael Jackson had died, so they arranged a tribute version of ‘Blame it on the Boogie’ on the spot and recorded it immediately, keeping the mood and the spirit of the moment alive; I believe it’s a very important and magical piece of music, sort of like a time capsule. That will be up on for a month and then it will probably float respectfully in the ether… but, anyway, we should pay a couple of visits to en petit comite during this month because they also recorded one Adanowsky song and one Gush song to complete the session… it’s worth… no, more than worth the visit.