Los Amparito Remixes Carla Morrison

Many of us are still waiting for the debut album by Babaluca, one of the few great bands from Phoenix and whose popularity was rising but destiny was saying otherwise. My friends and I would go to every gig attracted especially by its lead vocalist who decided it was time to move on (a smart move by any means). Carla Morrison is profiling as one of the year’s breakthroughs; she’s got an incredible voice, one of those extraordinary instruments that challenges producers and sound engineers to capture it on record. When I heard Los Amparito were remixing one of her songs I imagined it would be a tough job for Carlos Pesina, and even more with “Buena Malicia” which is so good and seemed untouchable, but he pulls it off quite well in what ends up being a very efficient practice and exercise.

In case you haven’t noticed, she has been featured twice on our Fonogramaticos, in the second one with a cover for Manu Chao’s “La Despedida” (under Babaluca) and on our latest which opens with the beautiful nana “Valentina.”