Gepe + Alex Anwandter

The news of a project from Gepe and Alex Anwandter (Teleradio Donoso’s vocalist) make us really excited, they’re two of the most talented personas in pop and if you’ve been to one of their shows, or take a look at that picture above, you can already see this is going to be insane. Gepe is by now a well respected singer-songwriter who turns folk into pop in effortless beauty, while I’ve been saying that Alex Anwandter is the ultimate modern popstar of the Latinamerican song. I’m guessing we’ll have to wait a bit for an actual release, considering Gepe is ready to discharge hi latest LP which if the rumors are true, include several collaborators among them Pedropiedra, Francisca Valenzuela and Javiera Mena. Watch Gepe talk about his new album at Paniko.CL