"Tu Hueles Mejor", Anntona feat. La Bien Querida

In case you’re getting lost with all the changes we’ve been making to our design, we still have MP3s featured on the left sidebar, they’re not necessarily exclusive downloads (although we have the label’s permission to offer them to you) but they’re just songs that we really like and are most likely to end up on our Best of the Year lists. Each song stays for about a week, maybe more, we’ll be as strict as we are with the albums we let into our now called Best New Sounds selection. We currently have a remix from Quiero Club for the “Yo Digo Baila” by Mexican Institute of Sound, “The Next Time Around” by Little Joy and “Bigote” by Turbopotamos.

And let’s welcome a new song once we’re here, “Tu Hueles Mejor” is the best song Anntona has ever written, but he decides not to sing it, we all know his voice is not that pretty and so he invites La Bien Querida, arguably the best female voice in Spain’s indie and whose Romancero is pretty good. In effect, she brings these beautiful words into an actual poem. Perhaps the sweetest Reggaeton song ever? The songs was part of our Fonogramaticos Vol.3, and expect many individual tracks to get featured again on here, we really love our compilations, Volume 4 should arrive by tomorrow.