"De Verdad", Juango Davalos

We seem to have a very cool base of followers from the Dominican Republic, mostly living in New York and they’re spreading the word to their friends, we feel the love! One of them, Dr. Lacxos sent me an album by Juango Davalos, who I’ve heard of once from Harold Martinez, but never got to listen to what seems to be one of the most interesting artists from that country. I can tell he’s highly influenced by Gustavo Cerati, in big part because of the shadowy entrepreneur charisma portrayed in his songs, honestly I haven’t fully processed his album Un Niño Antiguo, but I can hardly control myself over how much I love “De Verdad”, it’s one of those modern tracks that still fit into what people called “Cancion Latinoamericana”, a nostalgic sound that has been revived by Chilean pop in the last few years, from Teleradio Donoso to Manuel Garcia, and it sounds like Adanowsky too.