New MP3: "Arde la Gente", Margarita

If we were to revise our list of the best albums of 2008 there would be dramatic changes, but an album that I still love and placed deservedly high at #12 is Margarita’s Parque Magico, not too many people has heard it but it’s flawless. You’ll be especially thrilled if you’re into the vintage Tropicana from Montañas, Juanita y Los Feos, Joe Volume or even the inspiring and whimsy sound of Battles or Abe Vigoda. Sometimes they sound just rude but they’re working with pop in incredible ways, some kind of pop noir? They sent us their new track “Arde la Gente”, this is the first time we’ve heard them singing in Spanish although you don’t need to understand a word to picture a crowd in flames, this is going straight into our features, it’s that good.