"Teclar", Os Mutantes

I’ve received a few emails pointing me to Pitchfork where you can download “Teclar” by Os Mutantes, and it’s not that I’m not aware of the song, I’ve taken some time to really process it. It’s been a week and I must say I hate it, the kind of stuff you hate not only because they don’t sound good but because they could’ve sound amazing. But I’ve been a skeptic ever since hearing the news of a new album (via Anti Records), so far I’m anticipating it as the year’s letdown (not really a letdown since I am anticipating a weak album, but you get me), of course we have to hear the entire album first. For the first time they’re sounding like ‘world music’, and it's not like they're missing Rita Lee, the 3 albums she has released this decade are kind of depressing, at this point I would prefer a comeback by Tribalistas. You can hear/download the song for free at Pitchfork; let me know if I’m wrong.