Video: "Es Teatro Griego", Album (by Adestefideles)

YouTube user Adestefideles makes some really interesting music videos for songs without any reel to show on that website. It would be cool if the footage was original, but hey, it's awesome just to see some visual accompaniment in songs like "Up the Ante" by Fuck Her Or The Terrorists Win, "Garage" by 60 Tigres and "Av. Corrientes" by Prietto Viaja al Cosmos con Mariano. The guy behind all these videos is obviously talented, requires research and a thorough understanding of the songs. But here is my favorite clip so far, a charming visual presentation for Album's "Es Teatro Griego", which is the best song from Cancer Baby and has an official video but is not as cute as this one, the footage comes from the award-winning Australian short film Marry Me directed by Michelle Lehman (watch the short film here).