Two more songs from Valentina Fel

We’ve never had so many artists from Chile in one day, but lately our friends, fellow bloggers and followers on Twitter are asking for Valentina Fel like no other new artist this year. It will be interesting to see what plans Lizard King Media has for her, she’s already promoting her album in Chile but the release we’ll be getting in the states is even more promising as the momentum will hardly stop. While we wait for that release, Valentina is coming back to American territory, she’s performing tomorrow night in New York at Santos Party House, those Yankees are seriously lucky, first the LAMC now Valentina Fel. The main reason for this post is however, to let you know about two other amazing songs to get excited about, “Acapulco” and “Emergencia” are as catchy, random and explosive as “Sin Control Mi Diversion” which we can already call one of the songs of 2009.