Video: "Inteligencia Dormida", Pedropiedra

Pedropiedra is along with Valentina Fel the year's most lauded breakthroughs in Chile. You might recognize him if you attended Vive Latino and got to hear Gepe performing, he is the guy that travels with him but if he gets his due, he will have to form a band of his own. The self-titled first album by this singer-songwriter sees the light after a long period of uncertainty, he recorded it in Mexico but had little hope of it getting distribution so he went back to Chile with an album he should be proud of (review coming soon via Juan Manuel Torreblanca), I'm thinking it will be a matter of time before he comes back to Mexico as I smell Reactor-hit all over "Inteligencia Dormida", the first single that's got so much charm in its intent to be the anti life lesson that it ends up being.

Don't forget to download Fonogramaticos Vol.4, you'll find his song "Sol Mayor" among a bunch of cool moving tracks.