Queen of Downloads: "La Sofi" by Rita Indiana

Well, this is a surprise, Rita Indiana’s “La Sofi” is officially the most downloaded song ever here at Club Fonograma. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but it seems like the song is finally alive. It was recorded for a project Rita had previously formed known as Casifull, but the whole thing seemed to be out of sight and it never got release until our Fonogramaticos Vol.3 compilation. Now that Rita is almost ready to release the debut album of Rita Indiana y Los Misterios “La Sofi” makes a comeback. I’ve heard it a few times over at Mexico’s Radio Global not to mention my five year old nephew has an obsession with it. We’re not alone as this funky, messy, unfinished, and ultimately radiant song is invading iPods all around our audience, which is small but lovely.

I guess most of us have been in this situation, you want to put on a disc but you’re surrounded by whiners who don’t like your music, whether they’re friends or family, this is a song that is so reachable and up to the moment that it becomes an ecstasy of all sorts. Not exactly a crowd-pleaser but a statement of social collide that doesn’t need extra attachments to let us know its intention, “tengo un disco de la sofi lo quiero ponel, tengo un disco de la sofi lo voy a poner.” Once we’re here, let’s welcome the track into our Features, like I said there’s been no previous release, so I improvised some artwork for it.