Video: "She Wolf", Shakira

It’s not like you’re not going to see it somewhere else, Shakira’s latest clip “Loba/She Wolf” is bound to become the most popular video on MTV Tr3s and certainly so, despite what you might think about the song, the video is probably the sexiest she has done yet. Everyone argues “La Tortura” video was sexy, I disagree, it was unintentionally funny and brutally grotesque to see the Colombia diva covered on chocolate. One thing is for sure, she controls her body like very few people can but I’m still undecided on the quality of the actual song, I was almost convinced until she stated it was a song about the 20th century woman, and “Loba” doesn’t strike as far. But let’s wait for the entire album, although it’s not as exciting since we know she has yet to release a good album in English. She could surprise us though, Fijacion Oral Vol.1 was great and we hear Calle 13 and Gustavo Cerati will be around. By the way, I like the Spanish version better but couldn't find a video for it.