Pachangón Ruidosón

This is one of the coolest flyers I've ever seen, and it's for the Pachangon Ruidoson gig Fonograma's favorites Los Macuanos and María y José are hosting tonight (July 18) in Tijuana. This is no ad or anything like that, just an excuse to post this amazing flyer, which I couldn't even post right without messing the blog's template, so I had to cut it in two, looks awesome either way. At this point, with so many posts about them, you probably get the point, we love these guys. I'm embedding a radio interview they had with Static Radio last week, it's great that they consider themselves Regional Mexican artists, the hillarious story behind "La Tierra Sagrada", the narco adventure of "El Metralleta" and other facts told in the most naïve of ways.