Gustavo Cerati - "Déjà vu"

The world I carry myself around stops whenever he releases a song. Today is the big release of "Déjà vu", the brand new single by legend Gustavo Cerati from his upcoming album Fuerza Natural. Both, the song's title and the album's title are boring as hell, been there done that, but this is Cerati and he even jokes about this in the song. I was never a hardcore fan of Soda Stereo I might confess, but I am a huge fan of Cerati as a solo act. "Deja Vu" is not near as good as "Crimen", my friend already whined about it being too much of a 'pop' song, which it isn't? I was going to stream the song in here, but believe me, Sony would strangle us, so I'll just wait for it to show up on YouTube. Update... yeah ready!