Video: "Ser Feliz", Nubes en mi Casa

We've never dedicated a post entirely to Nubes en mi Casa, and considering they just released their very first video ever, this is a great excuse to introduce them. They're from Argentina and I never really put much attention to their self titled first album (released in 2008) until I did an extensive search of music to see what would fit into the Voy a Explotar soundtrack, the song "Mareo" popped up and I couldn't believe how good it was; the sweetest, most vivid and spiritual track I had heard regarding death and predestination in a while. Its narrative tackles on fatality as if our existence and departure depended on a mystified yet calmed water current that transitions the soul in and out. In a Romeo & Julieta sacrifice, a girl waits for the next storm to see if the boy she loves has returned, hoping to jump and reencounter with the being the current took away from her. “Your body floated, you were taken by the current… I won’t see you again.”

Until this moment, it is the one minute in the soundtrack that tears me up; an uncomfortable silence that compresses a thousand words of alarm and concern preying over a girl’s search for hope is simply monstrous, and the realization of the horribly inconsolable truth comes as a heart-trenching punch impossible to skip, that is if you, dear reader, are a human. Download "Mareo" on the soundtrack and temporarily on our sidebar features. The entire album is full of short captivating pieces singed beautifully by lead vocalist Josefina Mac Loughlin whose angelical hippy voice stands somewhere in between Zooey Deschannel (She and Him), Camera Obscura, Entre Rios and Ana Torroja. They’re promoting “Ser Feliz” as a leading single, a pop song with country strings and a round-structured video that’s fully determined to be an escape to happiness.