Video: "Victoria Roma", Gepe

My iPod is having a Gepe invasion; I’m finally meeting the pop star and the hidden folk in his music proposal. A few months back I was impressed with Las Piedras EP (released by QuemaSuCabeza) and I’m thinking I should have given it a better grade, and although it isn’t his best album yet, it made me go back to his previous works which are exquisite and merit all the positive feedback his fellow singers are giving him. He summed new fans from his performance at Vive Latino and has announced an upcoming LP.

This is the first video from his current EP, for the song “Victoria Roma”, shot between Santiago and New York, it features the beautiful vocals and appearence of Valeria Jara, who is part of his band, this what I had to say about this song on my review “In “Victoria Roma”, Gepe brings some of the best stuff we like in people like Javiera Mena and Ulises Hadjis, they build up forms within the music, give them rhythm and most importantly direction.” Viva la Webcam!


  1. I loved his cover of "Hallelujah" at the end of the movie Sugar. I haven't heard or seen it anywhere since but it was great!

  2. Do you know where I could find his cover of Hallelujah from Sugar? I've been searching all over. It's so beautiful

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