Redbull PanameriKa #46: Voy a Explotar

Thanks to PanameriKa for putting together a show featuring both the original and alternative soundtracks of Voy a Explotar. If I combine the # of downloads between the 4 different hostings the soundtrack has been stored in (Sendspace, Megaupload, Rapidshare & Archive) , it gives me a 30,056 number and that's amazing if you asked me. (Not counting the people downloading it through The Pirate Bay)
"On our next show, we’ll see how music and cinema become a part of each other. Gerardo Naranjo, film director of Voy a explotar, and the main character, María Deschamps will join us to present a part of the dreamy soundtrack of that youthful film which has been created under the assistance of Lyn Fainchtein, Carlos Reyes and, naturally, of the melomaniac kid / music lover, Gerardo Naranjo. We will play a little of Maria Daniela, Jóvenes y Sexys, the Fancy Free, Javiera Mena and some other curiosities of the original and alternative versions of the soundtrack."
Redbull PanameriKa #46: Voy a Explotar
Prin’ La Lá - “Naves que dan vueltas a un balón” Eureka
Los Fancy Free - “El Mundo me Espera” Silicone Carne/Intolerancia
Ivan - “Fotonovela” CBS España
Javiera Mena - “Cámara Lenta” EMI
Jóvenes y Sexys - “Sonic Sex (Maniqui Lazer cover)” Cyan
María Daniela Y Su Sonido Lasser - “El tuviera no existe” N/A
Childs - “…” Static Discos
Voy a explotar - “No separarse” Canana/Club Fonograma
Yellow Yesterday - “Girl” Poni Republic
Porter - “Cuervos” Universal Music
Jessy Bulbo – “No Escuches a tus Ídolos” Nuevos Ricos
Bam Bam – “Sin las Patas Traseras” Nene Records
Afrodita – “Virgencita” Discos Tormento