Redbull PanameriKa #46: Voy a Explotar

Thanks to PanameriKa for putting together a show featuring both the original and alternative soundtracks of Voy a Explotar. If I combine the # of downloads between the 4 different hostings the soundtrack has been stored in (Sendspace, Megaupload, Rapidshare & Archive) , it gives me a 30,056 number and that's amazing if you asked me. (Not counting the people downloading it through The Pirate Bay)
"On our next show, we’ll see how music and cinema become a part of each other. Gerardo Naranjo, film director of Voy a explotar, and the main character, María Deschamps will join us to present a part of the dreamy soundtrack of that youthful film which has been created under the assistance of Lyn Fainchtein, Carlos Reyes and, naturally, of the melomaniac kid / music lover, Gerardo Naranjo. We will play a little of Maria Daniela, Jóvenes y Sexys, the Fancy Free, Javiera Mena and some other curiosities of the original and alternative versions of the soundtrack."
Redbull PanameriKa #46: Voy a Explotar
Prin’ La Lá - “Naves que dan vueltas a un balón” Eureka
Los Fancy Free - “El Mundo me Espera” Silicone Carne/Intolerancia
Ivan - “Fotonovela” CBS España
Javiera Mena - “Cámara Lenta” EMI
Jóvenes y Sexys - “Sonic Sex (Maniqui Lazer cover)” Cyan
María Daniela Y Su Sonido Lasser - “El tuviera no existe” N/A
Childs - “…” Static Discos
Voy a explotar - “No separarse” Canana/Club Fonograma
Yellow Yesterday - “Girl” Poni Republic
Porter - “Cuervos” Universal Music
Jessy Bulbo – “No Escuches a tus Ídolos” Nuevos Ricos
Bam Bam – “Sin las Patas Traseras” Nene Records
Afrodita – “Virgencita” Discos Tormento


  1. En mi país hay un dicho que dice que si estás en pirata, es porque eres popular, asi que felicitaciones!!! XD

  2. Que bonito es lo bonito. Gran soundtrack, congrats!