"Dreamin", Milkman

There’s not enough urban music on this site, perhaps there’s not too much to choose from, so far the year's best releases have come from Menuda Coincidencia, Zozaya DJ, Arcangel and Choc Quib Town. Monterrey’s Milkman (Milko) sent us a song from his upcoming EP (due on September), and it is here for you to download. It’s titled “Dreamin” and aims to sound epic, “I want to go high and touch the sky.” We know him from Toy Selectah’s Raverton remix for Quiero Club’s “The Flow”, plus his recent remix for “Mrs. Love” by Disco Ruido! There are lots of Mexican rock bands singing in English but this is our first encounter with a Mexican rapper doing his thing primarily in English (not counting the Mexican-American rappers of course).