ZZK Sound Vol. 2, Zizek

ZZK Records/Nacional Records, Argentina
Rating: 70
by Andrew Casillas

Zizek seems to have had themselves one hell of a year so far. From Pibe Cosmo to Rodante and assorted remixes scattered across the interwebs, the label is providing the world from some of the most sweat-inducing beatz in fashion today. Indeed, the first volume of this ZZK Sound series was a wonderful exercise in scarcely-lit digi-sex [shout-out to fellow Stylus alum Jeff Siegel for coining that last phrase], so there’s no lack of anticipation for this disc.

For the most part, the latest ZZK comp doesn’t disappoint. It’s a bit more aggressive at points, but doesn’t lay off the fun(k). Among the highlights are the pure suave “Huachita Rica” remix from Douster, and El Remolon’s thick-thump remix of QUIO’s “So Loud,” each of which take completely frothy originals and lay on beats fat enough that they’d wake up a gopher from hibernation (the former getting special notice for somehow finding another use for “Think (About It)” aside from soundtracking 80’s parties).

Scanning the Latin dance scene from all angles, from reggaetón to cumbia to tropicalismo, there’s bound to be something for everyone to love on here. Also, herein lays this mix’s biggest problem: It seems to strive to be “something for everyone.” You could consider this a typical response to Zizek’s ever-increasing profile over the past few months, hoping to broaden their audience beyond their strong niche. Or the label just could be reloading, and using this as a stopgap measure until the next wave of product. Either would be a sensible reason, but as a stand-alone album, this doesn’t flow as smoothly as the previous comp, and doesn’t have the driven sense of direction of one of this full-length LP’s, or even of the Bersa Discos or Mexican Institute of Sound records.

That being said, this is quite wonderful in spots, and a great listen for those really interested in broadening their interest in dance music. If this doesn’t exactly live up the high standard set by the previous installment, that’s through no fault of ZZK themselves—after all, not all wins can be no-hitters.