Bootleg Promo: Algodón Egipcio - "Nosotros Los Rockers" (Piyama Party Cover) / Fonogramaticos Vol.10

If everything goes right, we’ll be releasing Fonogramaticos Vol.10 on Monday October 25th. We still got some last minute contributions and a bunch of work to be done; we don’t even have the artwork yet. Let’s build momentum, this time, we unveil the title track of the compilation, Piyama Party’s “Nosotros Los Rockers” in a sublime, almost horrifyingly beautiful version by Algodón Egipcio. Every single cover we’ve received sounds weird at first, it takes a couple of spins to fully appreciate them, but this one was love at first listen. Cheky took this anthem to a new galaxy, adding dazzling weight on every corner but suspending it high enough to make it very danceable. It’s the summation of electronic beauty to a very optimistic song.

Too many people ask us about the cute dancing girl with the cute dress, now you get to see her in motion. The footage (and iconic dance scene) comes from Azazel Jacobs’ The GoodTimesKid, featuring stellar performances from Gerardo Naranjo (director of Voy a Explotar) and the beautiful Sara Diaz.